Milwaukee Public Library: Big Read

In the Time of the Butterflies introduces you to the Mirabal sisters, and the Milwaukee Public Museum can help you explore their namesake! Learn about the incredible ways butterflies are adapted to their environments, and discover secrets about their wings. Finally, delve into native butterfly species of the Dominican Republic, getting up close and personal with some of MPM’s mounted specimens.

Taste Science

Why do you purse your lips when you taste something sour? How do you extract DNA from a strawberry and what do you use it for? Join us in the Demonstration Kitchen as we uncover the science of taste!

Breads and Grains

Breads and grains are a global food; almost all cultures across the globe use them for a variety of purposes. Learn about the variations of breads and grains around the world and the differences between gluten, leavened bread, and unleavened bread.