Catalog Number : 14328
Accession Date : 03/17/1914
Material : split cane
small, dark fiber basket, piece of natural colored fiber in center. split cane; wicker tech.
Catalog Number : 33482
Accession Date : 05/08/1925
Material : cane
large brim comes to a rounded pointed center w/ a hole in the center. hexagonal plaiting; black material b/t two layers of cane.
Catalog Number : 35387
Accession Date : 06/15/1928
Material : bamboo
fiber hat w/ bamboo hexagonal plaiting; tip is broken off, but attached w/ wire
Catalog Number : 38078
sq base w/ round rim and loops at both ends; rope handle attached at top. elaborate dichromatic design.
Catalog Number : 41337
saddle-shaped underarm bag w/ woven cord, for men to store tobacco and personal items
Catalog Number : 55371
sm fibers woven in concentric circles, rolled rim w/ geometric pattern, round
Catalog Number : A 15041
Accession Number : 3884

Charred wood, fragment of plank or rafter

Catalog Number : A 15054
Accession Number : 3884


Catalog Number : A 15055
Accession Number : 3884


Catalog Number : 64357
Accession Number : 27301
Tribe : Santee Dakota?
Region : Western Great Lakes Area
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, stroud, wool yarn, cotton thread

This pocketless bag has a square loom-beaded bottom panel with tabs. The bottoms of the tabs end in pink and turquoise yarn tassels. It exhibits a white beaded otter-tail design at the top of the panel; the navy stroud portion above this design has a floral motif. The shoulder strap is loom beaded with asymmetrical designs on each half.

Source : Collected by James Howard, anthropologist and collector.