PreK - K5 Education Programs

Each 50-minute program begins in our early learning classroom with a group discussion on your chosen topic, followed by an opportunity to handle real artifacts and objects.

boy with microscopeNext, we visit our exhibits for a sensory-rich experience designed to promote awe (and lots of questions), before returning to the classroom to participate in learning stations. The “learning station” format mirrors that in a typical classroom and includes literacy, math, science, and small and large motor skills. The program is facilitated by trained Museum educators who work closely with teachers to ensure their visit supports their classroom curriculum.

Please refer to our Educator Guide for an updated schedule of programs.

Lesson Guides

Click on each topic title to open a printable lesson guide.


These programs are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. (subject to availability)

  • minimum of 10 students per program, maximum 25 students, groups that exceed 25 children require multiple reservations
  • one adult teacher/chaperone (18+ years) for every five students
  • group size per program may not exceed 30 guests 
  • pre-registration and adherence to chaperone policy


$4 per student with admission

Program Descriptions

African Safari
View the animals and people who dwell across the large and diverse continent of Africa. Learn about different environments and how people and animals adapt. Feel elephant skin, play a finger piano and learn about mask making from the different regions.

Butterfly Stages
Discover metamorphosis through the life cycle of a butterfly. Tour the Puelicher Butterfly Wing to see hundreds of tropical butterflies in action. Are butterfly wings waterproof? We will test your predictions and talk about migration.

Investigating Insects
Explore the world of some of the oldest living creatures on Earth. Hold some of these live insects in the palm of your hand! We will discuss the habitats, physical characteristics, defense mechanisms, and eating habits of some rare but familiar critters.

Polar Adventure
Chill out as we travel into the northern-most regions on Earth. See, listen, and feel what life would be like for you living in the Arctic. From polar bears to caribou, we will learn about arctic adaptations.

Rainforest Exploration
Trek through the tropical rain forest to discover the many unusual plants and animals that live in this exotic world. See how camouflage is so important to survival and how the rain forest comes alive at night!

Walking With the Dinosaurs
Stand eye-to-eye with the dinosaurs and handle bones and fossils as we learn about live over 65 million years ago. Pretend to be a Paleontologist and handle the tools used on adventurous digs. From the Torosaur to the T-rex, we will explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs. 


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