MPM Teaching Fellowship

MPM's Teaching Fellowship program is a professional development opportunity for university academics that connects classroom teaching to MPM exhibits and collections.

It was developed in response to an articulated need to increase the museum’s exposure in the academic community and to provide a resource to faculty which might otherwise be untapped.

The program, unique to the Milwaukee Public Museum, supports development of innovative and effective ways to teach, utilizing the Museum’s cultural and natural history exhibits/collections. Faculty will develop instructional materials that engage students in active learning and access learning outcomes. Participants then use their instructional materials to teach the course in the following semester or year.

Semester 1:  Fellows spend about 5 days at the Museum, exploring exhibits and working with collection or education staff to understand the scope of exhibits. Over the course of the semester, participants develop original instructional materials that incorporate the Museum’s exhibits into their course curriculum.

Semester 2:  Fellows teach the course using the instructional materials they created and disseminate their materials through the website and by other means.

The award will be given annually to one or more fellows for a period of two semesters (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall). An award consists of a stipend of $2,500. Teaching Fellows and their curriculum will be listed on the Museum’s website.

A fellow must spend sufficient time at the Museum so that they are familiar with its resources and they must utilize the Museum in their curriculum. The days spent at the Museum do not need to be consecutive -- this will be worked out between the fellow and the Museum.

The instructional materials must be disseminated. The Museum will provide office space and access to the Museum’s exhibits, and other resources based on the Museum’s ability to provide them.


The program is open to faculty at universities with less than 5,000 students in SE Wisconsin. Priority will given to those who propose a course that has multi-visits by students, and those who commit to multi-year use of the Museum through the course developed or other courses.

Application Process and Deadline

Fellowships are awarded through a competitive process via electronic submission. Email for information. Generally, the fall fellowship deadline is October 1. A decision will be made by October 15 and the fellowships will begin immediately. The spring fellowship deadline is December 1. A decision will be made by December 15 and the fellowship will begin on January 1. The following information should be included in the proposal:

  1. Title of course
  2. Description of course and discussion of how it could be enhanced with Museum exhibits/collections
  3. Plan of action, including when you think you would be on-site at the Museum
  4. Description of how you will disseminate the instructional materials
  5. Two-page resume