Winning Poems 2016-2017

Ode to Cheese Pizza
By Piper Haise
From Big Bend Elementary School, grade 4

I love your yellow color
I love your cheesy taste
I love the taste in my mouth
I love your cheesy smell
I love you with breadsticks on the side
I love you with soda
I love you with extra cheese on top
I love cheese pizza


Dinner Time
By Alaina Berlin
From Fernwood Montessori School, grade 7

Blue beans, and black beans, and green beans galore
Piled up from ceiling to floor
Peaches and pears put into a jam
Spread across a sear roasted lamb
Crème brulee, sorbet, soufflé, milky way, parfair, puree, curds of whey, and fish filet
Is what I’d like to dine on every day
Cherries and dairy put into a bunch
Add some oats for a nice little crunch
Pumpernickel and butter brickle
All stuffed in a big fat pickle
Chips and dip with licorice whip
Makes me want to do a flip
Tortilla chips with a hint of lime
Is what I’d like at dinner time
Pepperoni, macaroni, rigatoni and baloney
Cannelloni, and minestrone on top of a pile of guacamole
Fettucini in a Panini
With a side of fried zucchini
Clam and lamb, and spam and yam
I do not like green eggs and ham
Sometimes life is all lemon drops
With a side of lollipops
But sometimes life isn’t what you wish
Cause for dinner I’m eating a piece of raw fish


Pickles and Peanut Butter
By Lucia Breuer
From Slinger Middle School, grade 7

My grandmother gave my mother nothing:
Not her height, her hair or voice.
Even though those were her best qualities,
She kept them from her daughter
She loved my mother with all her might, yet all she gave to her
Was her strange taste in food.
Peanut butter and pickles
Although they never talked about it,
They both knew it was true.
They both liked juicy sourness
And the smooth delicacy of stickiness
Rolling around their tongues.
So one day when I came home,
Asking for pickles and peanut butter
My mother laughed and called her Mom,
Telling her what happened.
How has food affected my life?
It connects me to my grandmother
It connects me to my mother
It connects me to the reason I live.


Summer Time Snack
By Andrea Beaudry
Arrowhead Union High School, grade 11

Orange and yellow
Round and long
So many flavors
And shapes too
Best in the summer
So ripe it is
Every bite juicy
Mouth watering too
Add a little chile
Call it a day


The Story Behind Food (11 x 26)
By Joey Hassler
From Arrowhead Union High School, grade 11

Apples: tumbling down from atop the trees,
Bacon: a crispy snack to go with your eggs,
Cake: the fluff that tastes like a good birthday sounds,
Donuts: lathered in a delicious frosting,
Eggs: the protein we all need to start the day,
Falafel, oh, how I crave that crispy crunch,
Grapes: plucked one by one from the vine, gone too soon,
Honey: paired with tea, relieves a scratchy throat,
Ice cream: satisfying sweltering summers,
Jelly: the compliment to peanut butter,
Ketchup: the sauce making some fries a crime scene,
Lasagna: red sauce in a pasta sandwich,
Meatballs: adding flavor to the spaghetti,
Noodles: dancing in a pot of hot water,
Oatmeal: my breakfast on a lazy Sunday,
Pizza: equipped with a cut sausage topping,
Quesadilla: melted cheese surrounds chicken,
Reuben: a simple sub with loads of flavor,
Spaghetti: playful noodles covered in sauce,
Toast: starts the day, my morning burnt bread, bummer,
Upside-down pineapple cake: sweet and fluffy,
Venison: the tough, chewy, gamey deer meat,
Waffles: engulfed in loads of sticky syrup,
Xacuti: a spice dish with curry sauce,
Yogurt: nutritious, tastes like healthy pudding,
Zucchini: long and green, but not super lean.


Building the Perfect Calzone
By Kenneth Walloch
From Arrowhead Union High School, grade 12

Pepperoni chosen first,
Bacon creates a crunch,
Peppers generate color,
And cheese the foundation
Chosen to build the perfect calzone.

The pepperoni, sliced to thin circles,
The bacon, cut to be sprinkled across,
Peppers craftily placed to make a picture,
With cheese spread in layers to give it ground to stand.
The cook does these to build the perfect calzone.

Placed over the flame,
The dough turns to a crisp brown,
The cheese turns hot like magma inside,
As hot as the flame below it.
The fire transforms these to build the perfect calzone.

Remove from the flame,
It’s prepared for its final journey,
And placed in front of me.
I take a bite
And reminisce in memories of past calzones.
All to eat the perfect calzone.