Educator Hall Pass

This free educator program comes with our commitment to help you achieve your curriculum and professional objectives while also providing personal benefits.

What do you get with an MPM Hall Pass?
Personal Benefits:

  • Take advantage of unlimited free museum visits, unlimited free Dome Theater visits, member-level discounts on parking, and purchases at the MPM café and Museum Marketplace.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive Educator Appreciation Events and previews of major new exhibitions.
  • Upgrade to a Family & Friends level membership for a special discounted rate.

How do we support Educators?
Curriculum Enhancements:

  • Our programs address the development of students’ college and career readiness skills: critical thinking, reasoning, communication and collaboration.
  • Our object-based, immersive exhibits support the integration of authentic experiences into student learning.
  • As a museum, we have unique ways to connect curriculum lessons to issues and subjects relevant in students’ lives today.

Professional Benefits:

  • Our staff is accessible pre-visit to help you plan your day to maximize the impact of your visit on student learning goals.
  • We offer an overview of student learning specific to each program. These include defined learning objectives, assessments, and both program and enrichment vocabulary.
  • Ongoing formative and summative evaluations of our programs enable us to remain effective in aligning content and techniques to support your efforts.

Register Now! to receive an Educator Hall Pass with access to Museum services and activities.

MPM’s Educator Pass is free and available to all licensed teachers, teachers in training, early childhood teachers, and home school educators who have filed a form PI 1206 with the Department of Public Instruction. A valid Hall Pass, proof of employment (i.e. school ID or pay stub), and photo ID must be presented to receive admission and discounts. Home school educators must present a valid Educator Pass, a copy of PI 1206, and photo ID. The Educator Pass cannot be shared within peer groups or families.

Family Membership upgrade

Hall Pass holders are eligible to upgrade to a discounted Family & Friends level membership. Visit the membership office, located in the ground floor concourse for more details. A valid Educator Hall Pass, proof of employment (i.e. school ID or pay stub), and photo ID must be presented to receive the discounted family membership rate. For more information on the benefits of a Family & Friends membership visit our Membership page.