Ask Me! Desk

Placement title:   Ask Me! Desk Volunteer
Department/division:   Education
Department Contact:   Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Contact:   Coordinator of Ask Me! Desk
Length of Placement:   Minimum: Six 4-hour shifts over three months.
For “active” status: One 4-hour shift per month over 12 months


  • Be a welcoming, smiling host/hostess for MPM visitors while staffing the Ask Me! Desk.
  • Help visitors find their way around the Museum, thus maintaining the public’s trust in MPM.


  • Positively respond to questions and concerns as received from visitors.
  • Learn location and basic content of MPM permanent exhibits and traveling exhibits.
  • Become familiar with the Ask Me! Desk resources, including the information-binder to locate information quickly.
  • Know and follow MPM policies as outlined in Volunteer Handbook & Rules of Decorum.
  • Schedule yourself on the Volgistics internet calendar and record your service hours on the internet.


  • Must be a registered MPM volunteer and attend training for this position. Must be 18.
  • Have a cheerful attitude and strong sense of accountability to MPM and its guests.
  • Have the physical, cognitive and emotional skills to interact with the public, learn about MPM exhibits and policies, and impart accurate information.
  • Good communication skills. Foreign language skills a plus.

Hours and Availability / Minimum Commitment Required

  • Ask Me! Desk is a seven-day-per-week opportunity with the greatest need for volunteers Friday through Monday and on holidays.
  • Active volunteers work four hours per session with a minimum of 12 sessions per year.
  • Volunteers self-schedule and record hours on our internet service, Volgistics.

Training/Dress Code/Support

  • Training: Ask Me! Coordinator will contact volunteer to schedule Ask Me! training. For each Traveling Exhibit there is an additional training session required.
  • Dress Code: Business Casual (no jeans, sweatshirts, open-toe shoes, etc.; see Volunteer Handbook).
  • Support: The Ask Me! Coordinator will be your primary contact and email you monthly reminders to sign-up for the coming month.


  • Benefits explained with the Volunteer MEMBER card. 40+ hours earns invitations to recognition events.
  • With MPM validation, parking at MacArthur Square is reduced to $5.
  • When wearing your volunteer badge, get discounts in the café, coffee kiosk, and gift shop.

Success Measures

  • Visitors are able to customize their visits based on Ask Me! volunteer’s recommendations.
  • Visitors have a better MPM visit because of you and want to return.
  • Volunteers honor their commitment and become proficient in using Volgistics to schedule shifts and record hours.
  • Volunteers maintain communication with coordinator of Ask Me! Desk.