Diorama Interpreter - Bison Hunt

What is a Bison Hunt Diorama Interpreter?

The Plains Indian Hunt was the creation of taxidermist Walter C. Pelzer, a member of the Museum staff from 1932-1972. The inspiration for this exhibit came when a large bull bison was obtained by the museum. After that, fieldwork was conducted in Southwestern Oklahoma and seven more bison, a calf, and countless observations of the habitat were obtained and brought back to the museum. It was decided that all the animals would be shown running and would have only one hoof touching the ground, and that the diorama would also include an additional innovation made by Walter: Glass eyes. He even went further, and became the model for the people in the diorama.

Why is this job important?

This exhibit opened in 1966 and would become the largest one known in the world at this time. It would additionally become the most famous diorama at the Milwaukee Public Museum, along with the snake button, which would become a hidden find of museum-goers.

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