Stop Spot Presenter

Placement title:   Stop Spot Presenter
Department/division:   Education
Department Contact:   Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Contact:   Volunteer Trainer for content questions
Length of Placement:   Minimum: One 4-hour shift per month (12 shifts per year)


  • Positively enhance visitor experiences by demonstrating models/artifacts and interactive activities on a cart on a day you self-schedule. Maintain the public’s trust in MPM.


  • Retrieve the cart from the ground floor and push it to its location on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor.
  • Accurately interpret the exhibit and artifacts as described in a script you are provided.
  • Engage visitors in interactive questions, adjusting the content to the age of your audience.
  • Schedule yourself and record your hours on the internet calendar from your home or library’s computer or be willing to learn how to use the MPM computer in the Volunteer Lounge. If necessary, you may bring a computer literate person to assist you in learning how to use the computer program.


  • Must be a registered MPM volunteer and attend training for this position.
  • Be a welcoming, engaging person, and able to push 30 lbs.
  • Be willing to learn accurate content about the artifacts used from the information provided.
  • Current Stop Spots are (a) spiders, (b) Indian tools, and (c) Chocolate.
  • Have the physical, cognitive and emotional skills to interact with the public, learn about MPM policies, and impart accurate information.

Hours and Availability / Minimum Commitment Required

  • The Stop Spot Presenter is a seven-day-per-week opportunity.
  • Four hour shifts, minimum of 12 shifts per year.
  • Volunteers self-schedule and record hours on the Volgistics internet system.

Training/Dress Code/Support

  • TRAINING: Training is scheduled by the volunteer trainer according to your and their calendar. Plan on 3-4 hours for learning how to use the cart and artifacts and interacting with the public.
  • DRESS CODE: Business casual. An Ask Me! pin is provided.
  • SUPPORT: The volunteer trainer will provide content; the MPM volunteer coordinator will be your main contact for other aspects of this position.


  • Benefits explained with the Volunteer MEMBER card. 40+ hours earns invitations to recognition events.
  • With MPM validation, parking at MacArthur Square is reduced to $5.
  • When wearing your volunteer badge, get discounts in the café, coffee kiosk, and gift shop.

Success Measures

  • Visitors have a better MPM visit because of you. They will have the added information you shared.
  • Volunteers honor their commitment and become proficient in using the internet system.
  • Volunteers maintain communication with the MPM Volunteer Coordinator.