Diorama Interpreter - Guatemalan Marketplace

What is a Guatemalan Marketplace Interpreter?

The Antigua Guatemalan Market exhibit is a reproduction of an actual market and was installed in 1969. Antigua entertains a long tradition for the Maya people. On Thursdays and Saturdays, they would gather to sell and buy goods that were distinctive to the regions of the country they are from. They became versed in recycling products to sell, including tin can lamps and rubber tire sandals, and haggling for prices is the accepted form of conduct for purchasing. Clothing is another important aspect of this diorama. It has beautiful examples of many forms of costume worn by the people. This market formed the economic sustenance of this country.

Why is this job important?

Guatemala is 50% Maya, and within this population there are individual groups that preserve their language, rituals, Pre-Columbian calendar, and colorful cultural traditions. This exhibit aids in the preservation of this culture.

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