The Future Museum: Community Engagement

Since the inception of this vision, we have committed to working with members of our diverse community, including our state’s indigenous peoples, as a part of the exploration of the new museum. 

group of people sitting at round tablesWe've held dozens of virtual focus groups, workshops, and interviews and conducted surveys to continue engaging stakeholders in the new museum planning process, including with our exhibit and building design partners. Through these efforts, we’ve engaged with thousands of people, including neighborhood residents, native community groups, business leaders, artists and scientists, educators, youth, and community and nonprofit leaders. 

man talking into microphone two men sitting

 man talking into microphone women sitting at a table

group of people sitting at round tables man talking into microphone

people sitting at a round table man talking into microphone

woman writing on post-it note man putting post-it note on wall

man speaking to groupAs we move forward on this endeavor, MPM will continue to lean on our community for input, feedback, and support. We look forward to continuing these efforts for future generations and are encouraged by the great progress our team has made, and the support of our community. 

We invite you to check back often, see what's new, and let us know what you think. Send us a note at with any questions or feedback you may have.