Virtual Volunteers

Virtual volunteers help us transcribe data about our collections using the online DigiVol website. As we digitize our collections, we photograph the object labels as well as the objects themselves.

These labels hold information about our specimens that we want added to our collection database. The label photos will appear on DigiVol as an “expedition” for volunteers all over the world to see and work with. Volunteers then transfer the information written on the label into a form on the website.

We provide tutorials to help volunteers understand how the information is organized, and anyone with a question can contact us with the click of a button. In addition to MPM’s expeditions, DigiVol hosts collections and projects from many institutions. You can help transcribe scientists’ field notebooks and diaries, help tag animals in survey photos, or try label transcription for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

For more information on DigiVol, visit:

Why are virtual volunteers important?

Transcribers help us by contributing to our digital records of specimens, which helps preserve the legacy of scientific research and collecting here at MPM. Once the label information is databased, the data are shared online with scientists, researchers, and our community. These data can be used for studies in species identification and distribution, ecological studies involving multiple species, climate change, and a wide range of other topics. Digital volunteers help us and our community of institutions mobilize collections data for 21st century inquiries and beyond...

How can I become a virtual volunteer?

This opportunity is available 24/7—anytime, anywhere! To get started, go to or Click on “Get Involved” to register, and then search for “Milwaukee Public Museum” to find our expeditions.