360 Virtual Exhibit Tours

MPM is always open in our 360° Virtual Tours!

On these self-led tours, you’ll get the chance to explore our exhibits while also getting behind-the-scenes access to interesting collections items, fascinating videos, and links to the exciting research happening at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

A computer or tablet is recommended for the best viewing experience.

Navigation Instructions

torosaurThe Third Planet

In this exhibit, you’ll explore the formation and geology of Earth along with the evolution of life on the planet. You’ll hear from MPM scientists, get close-up looks at behind-the-scenes artifacts, and unlock the secrets of Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history.




gooseWisconsin Woodlands

Explore the woods of Wisconsin through the comfort of your own home! Discover the history of our State’s natural areas, how MPM’s collections are used by researchers around the world, and the unique adaptations of some of our most popular animals.


Download a PDF script of this tour.


mothBugs Alive! and Puelicher Butterfly Wing

Discover the fascinating and important world of butterflies, bugs, arachnids, and more through this virtual tour of our Puelicher Butterfly Wing and Bugs Alive! exhibits. You'll learn about the largest and most diverse animal phylum, Arthropoda, from detailed exhibits and behind-the-scenes videos. You'll even get the chance to make your own observations through downloadable resources.


Download a PDF script of this tour.

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