June: BioBlitz

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What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is part contest, part festival, part educational event, and part scientific endeavor where MPM brings together a group of scientists in a race against time to see how many species they can count in a 24-hour celebration of biodiversity in a Wisconsin natural area. Learn more about this year’s BioBlitz as well as what we’ve discovered in past years here, and check out the resources on this page to create your own at-home BioBlitz!

Family Resource
Backyard BioBlitz

A mini, at-home BioBlitz is a fun way to practice the skills of a scientist and learn more about the richness and variety of the natural world. Download our PDF, grab a few supplies, and head outside to experience the springtime biodiversity of your own neighborhood!


Citizen Science

What is community science? Community science connects the public to academic research, allowing people of varying backgrounds to contribute to science in a meaningful way. Download this information sheet to learn more about various Citizen Science projects you can be part of.

Learn More

Butterfly Wings Drawing

Butterfly wings are amazing and unique. Learn a bit about symmetry and camouflage, then use these ideas to create your own unique butterfly wing pattern!


Web of Life

The natural world is wonderfully complex and interconnected. Use our guide to learn more about different ways plants and animals interact with each other, and then fill in our Web of Life activity to examine the connections in your own local ecosystem.


Biodiversity Bingo!

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air with MPM’s Fresh Air Bingo! Play along by looking for plants, animals, and other things in your neighborhood, and use the questions to help you explore more. If you have one, bring a magnifying glass for a closer look. Have fun!

Get Started

Press Your Own Plant Specimen

Begin your own pressed and preserved plant specimen collection right at home with this activity.



Collections & Research Connections
Question with an Expert

What are some common Wisconsin trees you would find on a nature walk? Dr. Chris Tyrrell, MPM's Adjunct Botany Research Curator, tells us from his home in this edition of Question with an Expert.


Special Event
person with binoculars looking up into treesAnnual BioBlitz

Our BioBlitz is back for 2021! Stop by Wehr Nature Center for fun activities June 18-21.