Winning Poems 2014-2015

Tiny Lizard
Tyler Meyer, Grade 4, Golda Meir School

He has eyes everywhere.
He has patterns with
White, black, green and red.
The scales are
Like millions of needles.
It feels like
A little finger massage.
He blends in with grass and
Trunks of trees.
He has sharp claws
To stick to trees.
Then he sticks out his
Long tongue
And catches the fly or bug. He can see
Many predators and prey
Because his eyes are everywhere.

Gold Jaguar
Anabella Vik, Grade 4 Golda Meir School

Gold jaguar
gold and good
I see you
Miles away.
Your engraved spots are smooth.
Your priceless gold should be kept
far away.
Your brightness turns
far away
and you turn into the sun.

The Perfect Hunter
Ean Juszkiewicz, Grade 7, Karcher Middle School

Running in the moonlight,
A flightless bird
With eyes that could stare right through you.

On the prowl, like an assassin
Creeping through the long, lush grasses.
The perfect hunter.

It sees its prey.
Sprints like a cheetah,
Claws like scythes ripping through flesh.

The perfect hunter.

Ode to a Tamandua
Wendy Villagran, 7 Grade, Karcher Middle School

Small black eyes
that look like buttons.
Little ears
hearing the whole world.
Short snout
for devouring ants.
Small head
that sways side to side
like a rat sniffing cheese.
Has the whitest fur,
as white as a polar bears’s fur
that is as fluffy as a cloud,
but with a storm brewing.
Long monkey-like tail<
for balance.
Little feet
that pat the ground while it walks
It walks on branches
as smoothly as an acrobat
as it creeps through the night.

Through the Smoke
Jessica Gill, Grade 12, Arrowhead Union High School

Crackling, the fire grows.
Clouds of smoke suspend.
An animal appears.
Everlasting stories
Pass down from generations.

A deer emerges through the smoke.
It sprints forward.
Kind-hearted yet strong,
Graceful and innocent,
The image disintegrates.

A bear emerges through the smoke.
It wanders
Courageous and confident,
A leader in the animal kingdom,
The image disintegrates.

A hawk emerges through the smoke.
It soars, precisely.
Carrying messages throughout the spirit world,
With focus and clear vision,
The image disintegrates.

The smoke swirls,
Twisting through the air,
Reaching the moon and the stars.
The embers blacken,
The images disintegrate.

Migration—An Unknown Destination
Gianna Natalizio, Grade 11, Arrowhead Union High School

Perspective . . .
    It may take a gust of wind
        To change my direction.

                I am fleeing the old
                    To navigate the new.

                    The wind takes my wings,
                        Pushing them with pleasure.

                                As a flock, we flap our wings,
                                    Soaring in the sky.

                                        Movement . . .
                                            As the world moves,
                                                We move with it.

Special Commendation

A Community of Fish
Shane Dougherty, Grade 11, Arrowhead Union High School

Courageous fish venture through the ocean.
    Swimming in a group, together, tightly compacted.
      No one is lost, no one is left out, no one is unaccounted for.
          A community is as strong as the ocean currents.

		A predator shark closes in, unpredictably.
	    		Other sea life scatter, panicking.
	      			  The fish hold their ground, ready for a challenge.
					 A community is as strong as the ocean currents.

			The prey comes into sight.
			   The shark inches closer, knowing dinner awaits.
			       The fish make forward movements, dismaying their predator.
				A community is as strong as the ocean currents.

		The shark scampers, phased by the motions.
	The fish swim happily away.
      For their efforts, they live another day.
A community is as strong as the ocean currents.

The sun sets on a glorious day.
The fish swim home, and lay to rest for the night.
Together, a bond between.
A community is as strong as the ocean currents.