Special Shows by Reservation Only

Choose from any of the programs listed below for your special group.

For more information about private show opportunities, email or call Event Coordinator Nicole Brushel at brushel@mpm.edu or 414-278-6951.  School groups can reserve shows at 9:30 a.m. weekday mornings. Learn more about reserving a School Group Showing at the Dome Theater.

starsCelestial Birthday Bash

See the sky as it was the day you were born, or show a birthday sky for a special family member or friend! This unique birthday show features a personalized, celestial birthday cake, and a tour through the solar system to see how old the birthday person would be on other planets—including Pluto!


black holeDeath of the Universe

Experience a delightful show all about space death -- for adults only!

See how the Earth will slowly incinerate a billion years from now -- give or take. Watch the Sun swell into a red giant and become an iridescent, ghostly nebula. Discover the demise of all stars as they finally cave in to the menacing 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. It promises to be a singular show full of compelling destruction -- all on a cosmic scale!  Combine it with a tour for a double dose of death.

planetsWisconsin to the Edge of the Universe

During this 45-minute live program, the big dome will not only show you the stars seen from Wisconsin, it will take you there! Venture down a black hole. Gasp at a supernova. Explore our galaxy and beyond in this dynamic trek through the cosmos. The tour guide will even take special side trip requests from its passengers! For grades 7 and up.

couple silhouettedRomancing the Stars

Our popular Valentine's show can now be presented for your wedding proposal, anniversary, or special romantic night. Romancing the Stars can be personally crafted with names and pictures of your loved ones for any special celebration -– no matter if it's for two of you, or 200 of your closest friends.