Planetarium - It's About Time!

two robots and a clockTime impacts us everyday -- but what is it exactly? Where does time come from? Explore these mysteries and many more in the Planetarium’s newest creation. Join friendly robots Tortoise and Hare in their voyage around the Earth and beyond to discover the wild origins of time! Grades 3 and up.

Showing June 15 - October 4, 2019




25 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Sunday, August 25th, 1:30PM
  • Monday, August 26th, 10:00AM
  • Monday, August 26th, 1:00PM
  • Monday, August 26th, 4:00PM
  • Tuesday, August 27th, 10:00AM
  • Tuesday, August 27th, 1:00PM
  • Tuesday, August 27th, 4:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 28th, 10:00AM
  • Wednesday, August 28th, 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 28th, 4:00PM