Museum Studies Program

Established in 1963, the Museum Studies Program is a unique cooperative partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and MPM.

The goal of the program is to provide, in a museum environment, the basic scholarship and functional training needed to equip UW-Milwaukee graduate students with the skills necessary to assume professional entry-level positions in museums, galleries, archives, historical societies, and related institutions. To this end, members of the program develop an annual student exhibit from inception to completion.

The Museum Studies Program provides a comprehensive overview of museum work. Broader subjects emphasize philosophical and contemporary issues, museum history and methodology, collections care and management, curation, interpretation, preventive conservation, and exhibition. The program stresses professional museum standards and ethics, along with proper care and interpretation of collections, while providing the opportunity for the development of expertise and special skills.

Since its inception, the two-year certificate program has trained over 400 students from all over the country. Graduates of the program have assumed responsibilities in museums and related institutions across the country as directors, curators, collections managers, registrars, archivists, educators, and more.

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