MPM Inside Out

boxes of rocksSee some of the Milwaukee Public Museum's most intriguing items at MPM Inside Out.

Date and Time

April  2019
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.


For Members Only!


Accepted beginning in March 2019 - check back for details
Space is limited for this popular event. 

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Inside Out is a free, members-only event featuring objects not normally on view. Discover research from Museum curators, enjoy and observe unique presentations, and more. You can even try to stump our experts with your questions, and go behind-the-scenes of the Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium!


The Creation of "A Tribute to Survival"
This year marks the 25th anniversary of this ground-breaking exhibition. Find out how it came to be and if it has withstood the test of time.

When Plants Attack!
Learn about Wisconsin's carnivorous plants and why they mislead insects.

Leave Your Drink at the Door
Why can't you eat or drink in the Museum? Because of tiny bugs! Learn how we protect objects from these hungry critters.

Milwaukee's Founding Family
See objects that tell the story of Solomon and Josette Juneau, and learn how they changed Milwaukee.

Ethnic Record Albums
Learn how music was recorded before the invention of tapes, CDs, MP3s, and today's technological advancements.

Casas Grandes Ceramics
See beautiful ceramics from Casas Grandes (Paquime), Mexico, and learn how research is furthering our understanding of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Capturing the Voices of Native American Activism
Posters, bumper stickers, picket signs, and photography in the MPM collections have been invaluable tools for visualizing what the pursuit of self-determination looked like for Indigenous peoples.

MPM Tell Hadidi Site Excavations
Uncover the layered past of the Bronze Age settlement of Tell Hadidi, a site threatened by construction and destroyed by regional conflict.

Learning the Exhibit Process
See intriguing table-top exhibits on subjects ranging from Maya astronomy to burial practices, while learning how to write labels, select objects, and design exhibits.

Digging Deeper into the Leopardi Collection
Learn more about MPM's Leopardi Collection, the largest collection of archaeological material from Malta in North America.

And  many more!