Deep Space: An Astronomy Education Course for Adults

The Daniel M. Soref Planetarium is offering an astronomy course for adults!

people in planetariumDo you want a deeper understanding of the universe? Join us for a five-week course and discover what the night skies hold.

This engaging and interactive introduction to astronomy provides an understanding of the planets, stars, constellations, and more, and is suitable for adults 18 years or older.

MPM Planetarium Director Bob Bonadurer brings stargazing alive through the use of 3D virtual reality media and telescopes (weather permitting) to provide an overview of astronomy and an exploration of the night sky.

Dates and Times

Wednesday nights, October 2 through November 6, 2019 (no class October 23)
6:30 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.


$110 for members; $135 non-members
Class size is limited to 25 people.


Purchase tickets at the Admissions windows or by calling 414-278-2728.


Daniel M. Soref Planetarium
Milwaukee Public Museum

Class Details
Week 1: The Changing Sky

The class will explore the cycles of the Earth: its rotation, orbit, and how it affects the day and night sky. The motions of the Moon and planets will also be examined.

Week 2: Solar System Exploration

See physical features of all the planets, including their geographies and atmospheres. A numbers of Moons, asteroids, and Kuiper Belt objects will be explored. Outdoor telescope observation if skies are clear.

Week 3: Eclipses

Examine the history of eclipses and how they have changed from evil omens to celebrations of a rare alignment. Geometries of eclipses will also be studied.  Outdoor telescope observation if skies are clear.

Week 4: Stars & Galaxies

This class will take a closer look at the life cycles of stars -- how they are born out of vast nebulae, and how they die after their nuclear fuel is exhausted.

Week 5: Black Holes & Cosmology

How did the universe begin? How will it end? How do black holes fit into these questions? Explores these big questions in our Planetarium.