Floor Maps

ground floor map
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Ground Floor

1. The Museum Marketplace - CLOSED
Find the perfect keepsake of your Museum experience. Choose from jewelry, rocks, books, educational toys and unique products from around the world. Members and jurors receive a 10% discount.

2. Museum Café - CLOSED
Choose from salads, pizza, deli items, soup and grill-style items. Food by Zilli Hospitality Group.

3. Coffee Kiosk - CLOSED
Enjoy an assortment of baked goods, coffee drinks and other beverages. Featuring Milwaukee’s own Stone Creek Coffee Roasters.

4. Daniel M. Soref Planetarium and Dome Theater - CLOSED
Experience edge-of-your-seat excitement on a six-story-tall screen.

5. The Hebior Mammoth
See the cast of a complete mammoth skeleton found less than 30 miles from MPM.

Find wheelchair and stroller rentals at admissions, and vending machines and an ATM in the Café.


first floor map
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First Floor

1. Streets of Old Milwaukee
Travel back in time to a bustling Milwaukee at the turn of the 20th century.

2. European Village
Celebrate the ethnic heritage of 30 European cultures.

3. A Sense of Wonder
See nearly 1,000 specimens and artifacts, including a 36-foot-long humpback whale skeleton.

4. Exploring Life on Earth - CLOSED
Science comes alive through animatronics and hands-on labs.

5. Jack Puelicher Butterfly Garden (Closes 15 minutes before Museum closes) - CLOSED
Experience the wonderment of live butterflies as you stroll through an indoor garden.

6. Puelicher Butterfly Wing - CLOSED
Raise your insect IQ through interactive stations, videos and a super-sized butterfly habitat.

7. Bugs Alive! Insects and Their Relatives - CLOSED
See live bugs from around the world, from tarantulas to assassin bugs.

8. The Third Planet: Earth
Look at the Earth’s interior and step back in time to when dinosaurs ruled.

9. Rainforest
Walk in a biologically diverse, two-story Costa Rican rainforest.

10. Family Quiet Space
A quiet, private space for nursing mothers and families with small children.

11. Owen J. Gromme Lecture Hall


2nd floor map
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Second Floor

1. A Tribute to Survival
Learn about the powerful history of today’s American Indians.

2. Wisconsin Woodlands
See highlights of Wisconsin’s diverse animal and plant life.

3. North America
Walk through the United States to witness changing landscapes and native cultures.

4. Wisconsin Archaeology: Pieces of the Puzzle
See amazing artifacts from Aztalan, the state’s most significant archaeological site.

5. & 6. Special Exhibit Galleries

7. Native Games
This display highlights two dozen native games, many of which can be found, with some variation, among tribes in the United States and Canada.


3rd floor map
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Third Floor

1. Latin America
Follow lively music and experience the colorful cultures of South, Central and Middle America.

2. Africa
Trek through Africa’s lush rainforests, searing deserts and vast savannas.

3. Arctic - CLOSED
Feel the chill, hear the cruel winds and learn about the constant struggle of life in this region.

4. Asia - CLOSED
See the mesmerizing color and beauty of rich cultural traditions.

5. Living Oceans - CLOSED
Visit the blue planet and explore the dynamics of marine life.

6. Pacific Islands
Let rhythmic drumming guide you through captivating landscapes and culture.

7. Pre-Columbian America (Mezzanine) - CLOSED
See more than 25 centuries of pre-Columbian art and technology.

8. Student Exhibit
A temporary annual exhibition created by UW-Milwaukee/MPM Museum Studies graduate students.

9. Crossroads of Civilization - CLOSED
See where the ideas and technologies of Asia, Africa, and Europe began to collide 5,000 years ago.