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woman on mountainClimate Change on Tropical Mountains
by Sybil G. Gotsch, Associate Professor of Biology, Franklin and Marshall College
April 9, 2020 CANCELLED

In the news, we often hear about how climate change is affecting Arctic regions, but what do we know about the impact that climate change will have in the tropics?

In many tropical ecosystems, changes in precipitation patterns and seasonality are causing shifts in the structure of plant and animal communities which can in turn lead to species extinctions and a loss of ecosystem services. Rainforests at mid-elevations in tropical regions (i.e. tropical montane cloud forests) are particularly vulnerable since the area encompassed by cloud forests is small relative to lowland tropical forests and because these habitats are particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature, precipitation and humidity. Threats to the cloud forest are of concern since this ecosystem is a biodiversity hotspot and plays an important role in local and regional hydrology. Dr. Gotsch will give an overview of the impacts of climate change on different tropical ecosystems and will then discuss our current understanding of the impacts of climate change on wildlife and ecosystem services in the tropical montane cloud forest.

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