MPM History Curatorial Staff

Albert Muchka - Curator of History Collections/Senior Collections Manager or 414-278-2785

Al has been a staff member of the History department since 1991. He holds a Master of Arts degree in American History/Public History and earned additional certifications in Museum Studies and Non-Profit Organization Management.

He is responsible for the documentation, care, and interpretation of the overall History collections with a focus on American/Local and European history, technology, and decorative art. Muchka has a special interest in and practice with firearms research, collecting, and shooting. The history and culture of the Great Lakes Fur Trade and the maritime history of the Great Lakes are the focus of his historical research. He has written articles, books, developed exhibits, provided programs, and served the community as a board member, and consulted with local and national organizations on historic and cultural topics. Muchka is a past instructor in Museum Studies for the UWM/MPM Museum Studies Program and trains teachers and docents in the history and use of museum collections.

Muchka oversees and manages History department volunteers, honorary staff, and occasional interns. Curatorial/Exhibit areas of supervision: Streets of Old Milwaukee/American history, European Village/European history, Decorative Arts, Firearms, and Technology before the mid-20th century.

Jacqueline M. Schweitzer - Collection Manager

MA - American History, Certificate in Museum Studies. Interest in American & local history, special interest in Milwaukee WPA projects, especially the Milwaukee Handicraft Project.

Emeritus Curators
Carter Lupton – Curator Emeritus, Ancient History

Lupton has been with the Milwaukee Public Museum since 1976, allowing him to indulge his passions for those most iconic of museum specimens: dinosaurs and mummies. He has participated in diverse excavations ranging from Cahokia Mounds, IL to Tell Hadidi, Syria and Hierakonpolis, Egypt.

His strong interest in early civilizations has resulted in over 30 tours led since 1985 to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, China, and the Maya areas of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. He has also participated in several museum expeditions to Montana, North Dakota, and Utah in search of dinosaurs.

In addition to being the chief curator for the Museum’s Crossroad of Civilization exhibit and former Temples, Tells, and Tombs exhibit, he has served as MPM coordinator for several major traveling exhibitions, including Cenote of Sacrifice (1987), The First Egyptians (1988), Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt (2004), St. Peter and the Vatican (2006), Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible (2010), Mummies of the World (2011), Cleopatra: Search for the Last Queen of Egypt (2011/12) and Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed (2018).

Carter’s long-term research interest is the study of Egyptian mummification; he is Associate Director of the Akhmim Mummy Studies Consortium.

Dr. Rudolph H. Dornemann – Curator Emeritus, Near-Eastern archaeology

John B. Lundstrom – Curator Emeritus, WWII Military history

Honorary Curators
Valerie Davis - Honorary Curator of Textiles and Clothing

MA - Public History with Certificate in Museum Studies, MA – Textiles with emphasis on quilts. Interest in American quilts, textiles, and clothing, as well as Latin American and Asian textiles and clothing.