Catalog Number : 06568a
Accession Date : 02/19/1911
Material : fiber
rectangular basket w/ dark brown fiber @ bottom. probably used for storage of clothes, maybe food. made of fiber w/ twilled tech.
Catalog Number : 06565ab
Accession Date : 02/19/1911
Material : split bamboo
large rectangular basket used to store materials; fiber colors look natural, tan and yellowish; split bamboo, twilled tech.
Catalog Number : 06564ab
Accession Date : 02/19/1911
Material : bamboo
large rectangular basket w/ thick bamboo reed at top and base of cover. bamboo: twilled tech.
Catalog Number : 02826
Accession Date : 11/18/1902
Material : reed
red hat in a dome shape, circular rim w/ woven headband attached inside.
Catalog Number : 13925
round plaited tray w/ reinforced sides; used to a) winnow rice, b) dry legumes, coffee beans, rice in sun, c) serve cooked food (rice, meat)
Catalog Number : 13924
Material : rattan
twilled rattan platter, large
Catalog Number : 13923
round plaited tray w/ built-up sides and plaited coil as base; used to serve rice or sweet potatoes to 2+ people
Catalog Number : 13922
Accession Date : 03/20/1957
Material : split bamboo
wide mouth basket w/ square base, thick bamboo handles, most likely used to carry food home from the fields (labba basket). split bamboo, twilled & wicker tech.
Catalog Number : 13920
Accession Date : 12/16/1913
Material : split cane "wood"
carrying basket used to transport rice, made of split cane and wood, twill tech. long board with two baskets on either ends.
Catalog Number : 56868
Accession Number : 17985
Accession Date : 11/15/1959
Region : Cameroon
Material : wood