Catalog Number : A 15021
Accession Number : 853

Jadeite bit for hatchet

Catalog Number : A 15022
Accession Number : 3884

Stone disk, perforated (spindle whorl)

Catalog Number : 15030
Accession Number : 3884

Socketed wooden hatchet handle

Catalog Number : A 15041
Accession Number : 3884

Charred wood, fragment of plank or rafter

Catalog Number : A 15046
Accession Number : 3884

Charred wheat and barley

Catalog Number : A 15048
Accession Number : 3884

Hazelnuts, well preserved

Catalog Number : A 15054
Accession Number : 3884


Catalog Number : A 15055
Accession Number : 3884


Catalog Number : 64357
Accession Number : 27301
Tribe : Santee Dakota?
Region : Western Great Lakes Area
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, stroud, wool yarn, cotton thread

This pocketless bag has a square loom-beaded bottom panel with tabs. The bottoms of the tabs end in pink and turquoise yarn tassels. It exhibits a white beaded otter-tail design at the top of the panel; the navy stroud portion above this design has a floral motif. The shoulder strap is loom beaded with asymmetrical designs on each half.

Source : Collected by James Howard, anthropologist and collector.
Catalog Number : 67319
Accession Number : 29408
Tribe : Woodland
Region : Western Great Lakes
Material : Glass beads, muslin, velveteen, felt, wool yarn

This bag with full pocket has a spot-stitched beaded bottom panel with beaded tassels. The tassels are netted with strung black faceted beads and end in red and maroon yarn tassels. The mouth of the bag is constructed of panels of velveteen beaded in floral motifs and bordered with red twill tape. The beaded strap design is bilaterally symmetrical and spot stitched with similar floral motifs to those found on the bag. There is some bead loss and staining on the cotton lining on the back of the bag.

Source : Purchased by Marion Werle Jaques and donated to the MPM by her family in her honor.