Catalog Number : 50356
Accession Number : 14896
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Western Great Lakes region (Minnesota)
Material : Glass beads, velvet, cotton cloth, silk ribbon,wool yarn

This bag has beaded embroidery over a velvet base and a patterned cotton cloth-back. It exhibits a leaf design over a solid white background on both the straps and pouch. The horizontal panel has a floral design over black velvet cloth. The lower edge ends in blue and red yarn tassels.

Source : Donated by Mrs. Samuel Meyer of Milwaukee, WI. Originally collected by David Karger.
Catalog Number : 50354
Accession Number : 14896
Tribe : Potawatomi
Region : Western Great Lakes Area
Material : Glass beads, wool yarn, wool cloth
This bag, with a red wool cloth backing, exhibits large geometric flower beaded designs on both the straps and pouch. The horizontal panel is red wool with a stylized floral pattern. The lower edge of the bag ends in yarn and beadwork tassels.
Source : Donated by Mrs. Samuel Meyer of Milwaukee, WI; collected by David Karger.
Catalog Number : 45695
Accession Number : 12727
Tribe : Potawatomi
Region : Great Lakes Region (Star Lake, Vilas County, WI).
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, velvet, wool yarn, cotton thread

This bag is lined with cotton calico textile and piped with yellow elasticized twill tape. The shoulder strap has a wide geometric (diamond) beaded panel. The edge of the strap is black velvet. The square panel has no pocket and exhibits an x-patterned geometric design with beaded tabs along the lower edge with wool tassels. The horizontal band about the main pouch has a floral design.

Source : Donated and collected by John Thompson of Milwaukee, WI.
Catalog Number : 43614
Accession Number : 12396
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes region (no area specified)
Material : Glass beads, wool textile, wool yarn, cotton
This bag is small, rectangular, and strapless. The square pocket is fully loom-beaded on a solid white background with a stylized flower and leaves. The horizontal band is spot-stitched onto a black backing in a floral design. There are eight wide, beaded tabs along the lower edge of the pocket ending in red wool tassels. It features red elasticized cotton tape piping and white beaded edging.
Source : Donated by Mrs. William Mitchell of Grosse Point, MI. Collected by Brigadier General William Mitchell.
Catalog Number : 39121
Accession Number : 10500
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes region (Northern Minnesota).
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, velvet, wool yarn, cotton thread

This bag is rectangular with a wide black velvet band above the pocket. It has a fully beaded strap and pocket with a floral design on a crystal beaded background, plus elasticized twill tape piping (black on strap, burgundy on bag). There are bugle bead dangles with wool yarn fringes.

Source : Purchased and collected from Barton D. Smith of Milwaukee, WI.
Catalog Number : 30224
Accession Number : 7287
Tribe : Sauk
Region : Oklahoma
Material : Glass beads, wool cloth, wool yarn, thread
This bag has a multi-colored geometric design against a white beaded background. The bag also features anthropomorphic and bird figure designs. The bag was loom-beaded on thread with a brown wool cloth backing and red yarn tassels along the bottom as well as where the straps meet the main pouch.
Source : Collected by A. B. Skinner, MPM Curator of Anthropology 1920-1924
Catalog Number : 23423
Accession Number : 6140
Tribe : Potawatomi
Region : Great Lakes Area; Potawatomi, Forest County, WI
Material : Glass beads, cotton, wool, yarn, string

This bag is beaded in an almost continuous geometric design. The bag has no horizontal band, and no real pocket.

Source : Collected on expedition by Dr. S. A. Barrett in 1917, MPM curator of Anthropology 1909-1920 (Director from 1920 on).
Catalog Number : 14728
Accession Number : 4043
Tribe : Winnebago/Ho-Chunk
Region : Great Lakes Region
Material : Glass beads, wool cloth and yarn, velvet, brass tacks

This bag exhibits a loomed geometric star design around the neck strap and the front of the pouch in white, orange, blue and green beads. The backing is red wool with black velvet accenting the front. There are brass tacks across the sides as well as red and green tassels.

Source : Purchased from Mrs. Annie L. T. Romeyn, Washington D.C.
Catalog Number : 14601
Accession Number : 3964
Tribe : Winnebago/Ho-Chunk
Region : Great Lakes; no specific area recorded
Material : Glass beads, cotton, silk ribbon, wool yarn

This bag has a pouch in the front. Tan cotton backing exhibits a loomed geometric design on the neck and pouch panel in yellow, red, blue, and green colors. The center has two horizontal black cotton panels with a beaded floral design in pink, blue, and green. Red tassels adorn the bottom.

Source : Collected by Dr. Paul Radin, Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington D.C., 1908-1913.
Catalog Number : 240
Tribe : Menominee
Region : Great Lakes region (Northern Wisconsin)
Material : Glass beads, cotton, thread, wool yarn
This bag exhibits an elaborate use of geometric beadwork that completely covers the cotton backing, with exception of the edges. Large blue and red glass beads are attached to the red yarn tassels at the bottom; white opaque beads attach the gray and red tassels to the chest straps.
Source : Purchased from H. W. Shaw.