May: Ancient Civilizations

mpm community of curiosityExplore the ancient civilizations from our Crossroads of Civilization exhibit virtually!

Learn how the ancient civilizations of Africa, Europe, and Asia came together to form an epicenter of complex culture - creating not just a physical crossroads, but an intellectual one as well.

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At Home

Family Resource
Mummification Quiz

The practice of mummifying deceased people is one of the most recognizable hallmarks of ancient Egyptian culture, but there’s also lots of myths and misconceptions about it. Learn more about ancient Egyptian mummification using our resource, then test yourself with the quiz!

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If you enjoy games of chance and strategy, try senet! Senet is one of the oldest board games in the world, and senet boards have been found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Use our handy resource for an explanation of the rules and a sample board.  


Apple Mummy

Mummies have been found on every continent, and their history includes a lot more than ancient Egypt. After reading some background information on mummies, gather easy supplies from around the home and experience the science of preserving the soft tissue - of an apple! Watch our tutorial video to learn some helpful hints about making an apple mummy and see what happens when we try to mummify an apple.

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Milwaukee Public Library Reading List

Want to learn more about this month's theme? Milwaukee Public Library has put together a list of recommended reading for both children and adults.


Collections & Research Connections
The Making of Crossroads

Crossroads of Civilization opened to the public in 2015 and was the Milwaukee Public Museum's first new permanent exhibition in more than a decade. Take a look behind the scenes in this video to witness MPM's artists in action during the creation of this exhibit. 

Adult Events
chris tyrrellLunch and Lecture

"DNA Sequencing, Morphometric Analysis, and Supercomputers"
with Dr. Christopher Tyrrell, Assistant Research Curator of Botany

Scientists at MPM and natural history museums around the world apply tools like supercomputers to specimens that were collected tens to hundreds of years ago. In this virtual lecture, Dr. Christopher Tyrrell will explain the technology behind DNA sequencing and specimen analyses and show how — when applied to historic museum specimens — they can yield new discoveries about our natural world.

Date and Time
Tuesday, May 18, 2021
11:30 a.m. virtual Zoom lecture

Members FREE; non-member price $5 per household.

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