Sky Wars: Battles of Discovery

Website_poster_graphics_skywars.jpgIn this Planetarium program, follow the struggles as new discoveries alter our view of Earth and its place in the universe. Witness the connections and conflicts between astronomy and astrology. See how the Earth went from a flat place to a round world -- from a static, motionless home to a spinning, orbiting planet! Finally, voyage into the galaxy to glimpse how future discoveries might start new battles about the sky above.




22 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Wednesday, November 22nd, 4:00PM
  • Friday, November 24th, 10:00AM
  • Friday, November 24th, 1:00PM
  • Friday, November 24th, 4:00PM
  • Saturday, November 25th, 11:30AM
  • Saturday, November 25th, 3:30PM
  • Sunday, November 26th, 12:30PM
  • Monday, November 27th, 1:00PM
  • Monday, November 27th, 4:00PM
  • Tuesday, November 28th, 1:00PM