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jaskolski headshotTechnology for Exploration
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Corey Jaskolski - Founder of the non-profit Digital Preservation Project, inventor, engineer, National Geographic Fellow, magazine photographer, AR and VR developer, and explorer

Corey builds new technologies for exploring the world’s most amazing natural and cultural places. His “day job” includes things like scuba diving in the frigid waters of Antarctica, descending 12,500 feet  deep in a three-man sub to explore Titanic, 3D-scanning the skulls of Mayan human sacrifice victims, helicoptering in to remote sites in the Congo during an Ebola outbreak, digitizing the Tomb of Christ, and shark diving. The technologies needed for each of these jobs often doesn’t exist, so Corey uses engineering, creative thinking, and a whole lot of luck to build specialized technical tools top use in these places!  In this presentation,  he will share some of his adventures and behind-the-scenes stories from a life on the edge. 


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