Frogs! Opening Day

green frogJoin us for the opening of our newest traveling exhibit, Frogs! Experience  their visual and vocal beauty, get eye-level with live frogs from around the world,  and more. Our Educators will also be in the exhibit from 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. with additional hands-on learning activities!

Limited engagement October 6, 2018 - January 6, 2019 

Ask a Curator Day 2018

curator talking to childWhat if you had the chance to ask the people behind the scenes at your favorite museum anything you wanted? What would you want to know?

Ask a Curator Day on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 aims to blur the barriers that can make curators seem inaccessible to the public and wider sector.

Docent's Choice Tours

docents in costumeWith a new theme each Saturday, you'll always learn something new on these docent-led tours.
September 1: Pre-Contact Native Americans of Wisconsin
September 8: Occupations of the Ancient World
September 15: Living Oceans

Dates and Times

Saturdays, September 1-15
11:00 a.m. (50 minutes)

Planetarium - Spooky Space

pumpkin in skyLooking for cosmic fun this Halloween season? Would you like to meet the stars -- the stars of Halloween? Monsters, zombies, and ghosts -- and their far more terrible counterparts in space? Oh yes, space has its monsters: Black holes,   zombie stars, and   spectacular ghostly nebulae!

Special Halloween programming - Showing October 13 to 31




Oceans: The Blue Planet 3D

otterTake a global odyssey to discover the largest and least explored habitat on earth. From the coastal shallows to deeper, more mysterious worlds, hear the untold stories of the oceans' most astonishing creatures. Meet fascinating characters like the ingenious tusk fish that uses a tool to open its food. Find a cunning octopus who shields herself in an armory of shells to hide from predators. Journey through the oceans to experience these extraordinary discoveries and uncover a spectacular world of life beneath the waves.

Showing October 8 - March 29


Mountain Quest - Giant Film

mountainsMountain Quest is tapestry of jaw-dropping action combined with rich STEM content and  physics of the real world – how climbing is a tug-of-war between friction and gravity, while skiing involves the same battle of forces in reverse, and more. Educational insights on engineering are seamlessly integrated with dramatic visuals and action. Narrated by Willem Dafoe.

Showing October 8 - March 29



Planetarium - Space Aliens

alien faceJoin our alien experts — “Hopeful” and “Skeptical” – as they examine Xtra-terrestrial files and try to convince each other whether or not life exists beyond the Earth. Follow their cosmic arguments from the ocean floor to a journey across the galaxy!

Showing October 8 - March 29