Voyage to the Deep: Virtual Resources

We are excited to share a range of virtual resources and experiences to connect you with Voyage to the Deep from home!

MPM Exhibit Connection
Living Oceans

The Milwaukee Public Museum's Living Oceans exhibit has ten portholes that together present different habitats, or plant and animal homes, in the ocean. Use our guide at home to learn more about ocean habitats, or use it when next visiting MPM as you move through the Living Oceans exhibit.


Family Resources
Dive Into Density

Try this at-home experiment! If you want to take your own "voyage to the deep," you’ll need to know about buoyancy. Use this activity to explore how density determines whether an object will sink or float.


Carrot Submarine

Get to the root of how submarines work with this easy experiment you can tackle right in your own kitchen. All it takes are a few simple items from the pantry (a carrot, some toothpicks, and baking soda) and a little water to reveal the fascinating science behind how submarines use ballast to create just the right amount of buoyancy!

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Collections & Research Connection
Living Oceans Exhibit Highlights

The windows of the Living Oceans exhibit depict a variety of relationships among marine plants and animals. Learn how these creatures interact, from warm tropical seas to the dark ocean depths, in this Living Oceans Exhibit Highlights video!

Additional Resources

Take a deep dive into an undersea adventure in this series of activities, courtesy of MUSEAM in Sydney, Australia, connecting you to Voyage to the Deep. Learn how to make a sea turtle or squid out of simple household materials, create a shipwreck in your kitchen, and more, as you explore the secrets and wonders of our ocean world. 

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