MPM Botany Curatorial Staff

Dr. Christopher Tyrrell - Research Curator or 414-278-2761

Dr. Tyrrell is a world authority on the Central and South American bamboo genera Rhipidocladum and Arthrostylidium. He studies the evolution of these bamboos and their relatives in order to understand their diversity and geographic distributions. His research also investigates the factors and mechanisms important for plant persistence in particular environments and how plant morphology changes with environmental condition. This work focuses on lake and river plants as a model system. Dr. Tyrrell serves as MPM's Director of Collection Informatics guiding the museum's collection digitization efforts and research library.

Adjunct Curators

Dr. John Zaborsky – Adjunct Curator of Vascular Plants
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Suzanne Joneson – Adjunct Curator of Lichens & Fungi
University of Wisconsin-Waukesha

Research Associates

Dr. Daniel Carter - Principal Biologist
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Dr. Nicholas Tippery - Associate Professor of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Emeritus Curators

Neil Luebke - Curator Emeritus