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Get a taste of some of the great research happening in Milwaukee during our Lunch & Lecture presentations. Take an optional guided pre-lecture docent tour, explore the topic du jour with an MPM curator or special guest, and if you’re hungry for more, stay for a great lunch.

Chat & Explore Series

Chats start at 10 a.m. in the Gromme Theater, located on the Museum’s first floor.
$3 with Museum admission

Join MPM’s staff of experts as they share current research and projects in their particular field of study, and engage with them during Q&A segments. Through the use of remote technologies you’ll also get a behind the scenes look into their labs and get up close with the objects and artifacts central to their work.

Catalog Number : 67279
Accession Number : 29374
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes Area
Material : Glass beads, cotton fabric, velveteen

This bag with a full pocket has a spot-stitched beaded bottom panel. Loom beaded tabs are attached to the bottom and end with purple yarn tassels. The bag exhibits a white beaded otter-tail design at the top and sides of the panel; the black velvet portion above the pocket has a floral motif. Green twill tap edges the bag. A cloth tag with the number “124” has been sewn inside the pocket with different thread than the thread used in the bag’s construction. The straps are loom beaded with asymmetrical designs, and edged with purple twill tape.