Catalog Number : 60624
Accession Number : 21591
Accession Date : 11/25/1968
Region : Nigeria, Adamawa Province, Warwar
Material : cotton, indigo
Catalog Number : 13934
Material : split cane
split cane wicker basket w/ decorative weave, sq base and round top; for general storage personal objects
Catalog Number : 13935
Accession Date : 12/16/1913
Material : split cane
small mouth basket but expands at center, narrows to a square base. handles on all 4 sides, rope thru two of handles. split cane, wicker tech.
Catalog Number : 13942
Accession Date : 12/16/2013
Material : split bamboo
black bamboo burden basket; woven w/ bamboo shoots attached in a circle on either side and on bottom.
Catalog Number : 13981
Accession Date : 12/16/1913
Material : Panoanus leaves
combination of a raincoat and basket - long and wide with one end curving up to sit on an individual's head. made of pandanus leaves and split bamboo.
Catalog Number : 14275
Accession Date : 02/24/1914
Material : bamboo
large mouth bamboo rice basket with twill design.
Catalog Number : 14276
Material : split cane
twilled split cane rice tray, round. used to 1) winnow 2) serve cooked food (rice, meat), 3) drying
Catalog Number : 14328
Accession Date : 03/17/1914
Material : split cane
small, dark fiber basket, piece of natural colored fiber in center. split cane; wicker tech.
Catalog Number : 33482
Accession Date : 05/08/1925
Material : cane
large brim comes to a rounded pointed center w/ a hole in the center. hexagonal plaiting; black material b/t two layers of cane.
Catalog Number : 35387
Accession Date : 06/15/1928
Material : bamboo
fiber hat w/ bamboo hexagonal plaiting; tip is broken off, but attached w/ wire