Lonely Dinosaurs

MPM's dinosaurs are lonely!

crying dinosaurs

We received an urgent report from our Museum Security staff that our dinosaurs are lonely!

T. rex has stopped eating, Dromaeosaurus is inconsolable, and Stegosaurus hasn't spoken a word. It seems they really miss everyone coming to say hi to them...

So we need your help.

drawing of dinosaur on roller skatesCan you send us a...

  • drawing of a dino
  • note to the dinos
  • photo with the dinos
  • dance video for the dinos
  • song about the dinos
  • story about the dinos
  • your favorite memory with the dinos

...or anything else you can think of to cheer up our lonely dinos?  

Share it!

Tag us on social media with #LonelyDino, or email your submission to communications@mpm.edu. We'll share it with our dinos... as well as on this page!

This coloring book seems to be dedicated to the dinos. Great job, team!

Owen's sketch by Sarah Patterson:

boy drawing pictures

man being eaten by dinosaur
Dear Dinos,
Watch out! The
T. rex comes up to you wagging his tail. He's all smiles and giggles, and then bang!  He turns! Whatever you do, don't try to pet him. 
- Bruce Cartwright




"Tony Tyrannosaur's Dino BBQ" and "The friends we can't see are the ones I like to meet" by Kevin Rodgers

letter drawing of dinosaur

A letter from Andora, age six, and a drawing from her younger sister

boy holding drawing Felix drew a very happy Stegosaurus!








wedding couple in museum"My husband and I got married at the Museum two years ago on Tuesday, July 14. This is our favorite picture. Oh, the memories! Miss you, dinos!"





drawing doll being eaten by toy dinosaur

Joe, age five, and his mom Kat tag-teamed some creative pieces!

From Max, age four:

drawing of person among trees


Jen Coyle chose to serenade our lonely dinos with a very catchy tune:


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