Family Engagement Day

spider in web MPM's Educators will be out on the floors for family engagements until 3 p.m.!

Test your skills and see how much you know about spiders and the webs they weave:

What is a Spider?
Think you know everything about spiders and arachnids? Uncover the misconceptions and check out some spider specimens, too!

Lunch & Lecture

group of people attending lectureGet a taste of some of the great research happening in Milwaukee during our Lunch & Lecture presentations.

Take an optional guided pre-lecture docent tour, explore the topic du jour with an MPM curator or special guest, and if you’re hungry for more, stay for a great lunch.


Science on Tap

blonde woman in suitSoil: A Precious Resource Under Threat by Dr. Jo Handelsman
Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Vilas Research Professor, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

Ancestral Women Exhibit

weaving of womanIn the   Ancestral Women   exhibit, award-winning jacquard weaver Mary Burns honors women’s journeys by creating their portraits in jacquard weavings.

The   Ancestral Women   project features elders from Wisconsin's 12 tribes, and was conceived to portray the strength of ancestral women around the world, both elders and their contemporaries, and to honor their journeys.