lion familyThe Savanna Bush

These open park-like savannas are areas of grassland with scattered spreading acacia and baobab trees. Slightly higher rainfall in the adjacent hill country permits more trees to grow in regions such as this. Savannas are inhabited by browsing animals such as the prehensile-lipped black rhinoceros, impala, and kudu.

The Savanna Water Hole

Rivers and water holes are congregating points for a wide variety of savanna wildlife, particularly during the dry seasons of spring and summer. In September, with the returning rains, huge herds of wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra disperse into the plains.

The Salt Lick in the Bamboo Forest

Abundant rainfall in the mountains encourages rainforest growth on lower slopes while at higher elevations nearly pure stands of bamboo thrive. A salt lick would be an attraction for elephants, bongos, and other small animals.

The Maasai Lion Hunt

The lion, potential enemy of all herdsmen, preys on the cattle of the Maasai. Protected only by their thick shields made of antelope or zebra skins, Maasai warriors kill lions with long spears and short defensive swords. Much prestige attends the successful hunter, especially the one who throws the first spear.

Exhibit Accessibility & Social Stories

There is a tactile exhibit with large print, audio, and braille labels at the entry to the gallery where you can explore objects through touch. You will also see a large mural and a captioned video about the African expedition where the objects were collected.