Geology Collection Access Policies

Specimen Loan Procedures and Policies for the Milwaukee Public Museum Geology Collections

1. Specimens may be borrowed from the Milwaukee Public Museum Geology Collections for purposes of research. All loans must be authorized and documented by a formal loan agreement or contract.

2. Requests for loans must be made in writing to the Geology Collections Manager by a qualified staff member of a recognized educational facility. Loans are not issued to students but may be assigned to their major professor if that person can vouch for the professionalism of the student and ensure compliance with the loan agreement. Loan requests should describe the nature and scope of work contemplated, the worker’s name, and all pertinent information on requested specimens. Loans are made to institutions and not to individuals. The borrowing facility assumes responsibility for the safekeeping and return of the borrowed materials.

3. A loan is made for a period of one year, except for type specimens which are loaned for six months. Extensions may be granted upon written request. Specimens loaned must remain at the institution to which they were originally consigned and not be transferred elsewhere without written permission.

4. Specimens on loan should be kept under conditions and handled carefully to avoid damage.

5. Each specimen should be annotated or affirmed using annotation slips and permanent ink or type and included with specimen. Annotations should not be made on original labels and should include date and name of recorder.

6. Unless otherwise arranged, all specimens in one loan must be returned together carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit. The borrower is expected to pay return shipping costs, to adequately insure the material, and to attach all necessary travel certificates, documents, or permits.

7. Loans from the Milwaukee Public Museum Geology Collections should be acknowledged in published works. The Geology Collections Manager should receive a reprint of each publication and digital copies of any photography of loan material.