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Member Appreciation Month
wooden heartsJune 2021

To show our appreciation of your support, we’ve created virtual content that can be accessed through the month of June. See videos featuring behind-the-scenes content about one of MPM’s favorite exhibits and objects from the Museum’s collections.

Plus, enter a drawing to have the Museum to yourself for an entire hour!


magnifying glass and fossil brushDigging Up Discoveries

Wednesday, May 19, 6:30 p.m. (Registration required by May 14)
Tuesday, May 25, 6:30 p.m. (Registration required by May 20)

Enter the mind of an archaeologist! Learn what clues scientists use when analyzing artifacts and what found objects can tell us about a culture.

Reservations are encouraged as early as possible; this event has a capacity of 30 households.

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stargazers of africaStargazers of Africa

From the dawn of time, African people have looked to the skies above for inspiration and guidance. Stargazers of Africa, brought to you by Generac, is a journey connecting the stars, moon, and planets to the people across this great continent—from long ago to the stargazers of today.

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Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs?

Did a space-rock six miles wide slam into the Earth 66 million years ago and wipe out 75 percent of all living species at that time, including the dinosaurs? Cosmic collisions are abundant in our solar system. See the numerous craters on worlds like the moon, Mars, and even distant Pluto. Explore the dinosaur disaster up close, supported by evidence from the Museum’s own Geology department, in this MPM original Planetarium production.



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