Catalog Number : 63497
Accession Number : 26731
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Warroad, MN
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, polyester textile

This bag, which has no pocket, is fully beaded with a floral pattern against a white background. Trimmed with thick red polyester fabric, the bag has large black and blue bead dangles with salmon colored yarn tassels. It is lined with cotton calico.

Source : Donated by Mrs. Wallace B. Behnke of Milwaukee, WI. Collected by Sidney Helliwell (father of donor) in 1906.
Catalog Number : 63374
Accession Number : 26273
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Devils Lake, Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota
Material : Glass beads, velveteen

This bag is fully beaded on the straps and pouch, on a black velvet backing, with a floral motif on a white bead background. The bottom is fringed with red beads on green and yellow yarn. An otter track design runs around the edges of the pouch and horizontal band.

Source : Purchased (with funds from Mr and Mrs Richard Bourne of Whitefish Bay, WI.) from Rob Anderson of Ridgewood, IL, the collector.
Catalog Number : 59708
Accession Number : 21054
Tribe : Ho-Chunk
Region : Great Lakes area
Material : Glass beads, cloth, wool, yarn

This bag is beaded in both geometric and floral designs. The strap has a diamond geometric design; the pouch has a larger diamond design and flowers. It is trimmed in red wool, with brown wool tassels.

Source : Donated by Mrs. Irving Ott of Milwaukee, WI. Unknown collector.
Catalog Number : 58149
Accession Number : 18961
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, wool textile, velvet, wool yarn, cotton thread.
This bag has fully beaded straps and pouch with a leaf and flower design. The horizontal panel is beaded directly onto the black velvet backing. A white otter-tail motif borders the main pouch and horizontal panel.
Source : Donated by Mrs. K. Bruckhaus of Tyler, TX.
Catalog Number : 56287
Accession Number : 17711
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes, no area specified
Material : Glass beads, cotton cloth, cotton thread
This beadwork panel has not been attached to a, but would be the main pouch design. It exhibits a large floral design with blue, green, yellow, orange, black, pink, and white beads.
Source : Found in the Milwaukee Public Museum without an original number.
Catalog Number : 55842
Accession Number : 17430
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes (Wisconsin)
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, velvet, wool, silk ribbon, wool yarn
This bag has a large pocket beaded with an iridescent blue/white background. It features a large flower and leaf design. The horizontal band is beaded directly onto the black velvet backing. The tassels are cotton loops with a green fringe.
Source : Donated by Mrs. Gustave Kojatzke of Milwaukee, WI. Unknown collector.
Catalog Number : 55255
Accession Number : 16837
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Great Lakes; no area specified
Material : Glass beads, velvet, cloth, yarn

This bag's pouch and shoulder straps are completely covered in an array of colored glass beads. The horizontal strap above the pouch is beaded in a simple floral design, as are edges of the pouch. The bag ends in beaded tassels.

Source : Purchased with funds donated by A.D. Braun of Milwaukee, WI.
Catalog Number : 54765
Accession Number : 16202
Tribe : Potawatomi
Region : . Great Lakes Area
Material : Glass beads, brass beads, velvet cloth, cotton ribbon, wool yarn, thread

This bag is has beadwork attached to a purple velvet material. The design includes maple leaves (in blue and green), berries, and geometric patterns. The shoulder strap and bag pattern are similar; the horizontal panel is geometric. The bottom is tabbed, with yarn tassels. The majority of the bag is trimmed in red ribbon.

Source : Donated by J. Fletcher Harper. Unknown collector.
Catalog Number : 51384
Accession Number : 15261
Tribe : Ojibwe
Region : Lac Court Oreilles Reservation, WI
Material : Glass beads, cotton textile, velvet, cotton thread, wool yarn

This bag has a fully beaded strap and pocket in a floral design, the latter with muted colors. The pocket is lined with cotton and edged on three sides with green velvet as is the strap. Beaded and braided strings serve as tassels.

Source : Donated by Mrs. L. M. Scott of Milwaukee, WI. Unknown collector.
Catalog Number : 50373
Accession Number : 14904
Tribe : Potawatomi
Region : Great Lakes region (no area specified)
Material : Glass beads, wool cloth, cotton cloth, wool yarn, cotton thread

This bag, with a small pocket, has beaded tabs and red/blue yarn tassels. The bag has a red cotton cloth trim with a yellow beaded edge. The bag exhibits geometric designs on brown wool cloth (appliqué). Bead colors present on this bag: white, blues, reds, yellow, black, and green.

Source : Donated by Mrs. Odelia Abel of the Indian Trading Post, Tomahawk, WI; originally collected by the donor