Black Friday at MPM

holiday decorated lamppostStroll through the splendor of the decorated Streets of Old Milwaukee and European Village exhibits!

Then, join our Educators for fun family programming, including:

  • Holiday Postcards - Decorate a themed postcard to take home!
  • What is a Spider?  Think spiders aren't festive? Think again! Spider webs are actually the inspiration for using tinsel on trees. Uncover arachnid misconceptions and check out specimens.
  • Sami Traditions -  Hear about the Sami  people of northern Scandinavia. Take a  look at some Museum artifacts to learn more about the winter traditions and lifestyle of this often-overlooked indigenous group.
  • Milwaukee Rep Christmas Carolers - At 1:00 p.m., the carolers from the Milwaukee Rep's A Christmas Carol will sing in the Streets of Old Milwaukee.
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