MLK Day Programming

watson familyThis Martin Luther King Day, January 15, our Educators will be out on the floors with special activities for our visitors from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.!

Watson Family Cart

Stop by the replica Watson House in the Streets of Old Milwaukee for this interactive program exploring the Watson’s family history through images and objects that illustrate this vibrant era in the city’s black heritage!

Fossil Challenge

Are you up to the challenge? Paleontologists often need to make quick identifications out in the field. Join Educator Cody and take our challenge to see if you can correctly identify what's a fossil and what's not!

Raising an Obelisk

We know that ancient cultures built huge, incredible structures... but how? People in the past knew far more than you might realize about engineering and physics, and made great use of weight and leverage. Come test your historical engineering skills with our miniature model of an obelisk raising to see if you can get the same results!

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