Twitter Re-enactment: The Ice Wars

A Twitter Re-enactment: The Ice Wars

When: Friday, December 9
Where: Your Twitter Account 

Follow along on Twitter at #mke01 as nine historically realistic figures live-tweet one of the biggest brawls Milwaukee has ever seen. 

In 1901 ice-harvesting on the Milwaukee River was a big business; families and businesses needed the ice during the warm months to chill their food.  When two companies and their employees each believed they had the rights to a stretch of the Milwaukee River, the resulting conflict was wild enough to attract a crowd of thousands on the banks of the river.  Listen to their experiences while these nine character live-tweet as if the event is unfolding in real time.

Follow our historical characters and re-enactors.

Joseph Konkel - A Polish inhabitant of Jones Island and local ice harvester.
Follow @01jkonkel.

Andrzej Wronksi - A recent Polish immigrant who works in the ice harvesting industry. Follow @01awronski.

Hans Beck – A German family man who works as an ice harvester.
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Greta Beck - A Milwaukee resident whose household may be affected by the Ice Wars conflict. Follow @01gbeck.

Albert Biggs- A local ferryman and operator of the Julius Goll.
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Albert Wittke- A Milwaukee-area newspaper reporter.
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Nathan Glicksman - A lawyer for the Wisconsin Lakes Ice & Cartage Company. Follow @01nglicksman.

Daniel McElroy - A Milwaukee resident whose work may be affected by the lack of available ice. Follow @01DMcElroy.

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