Padi-Heru mummy

The Museum's two Egyptian mummies, Djed-Hor and Padi-Heru, were acquired in 1887 and have been on display fairly regularly since that time. Both mummies came from Akhmim, Egypt and they were CT-scanned in 1986 and again in 2006. Padi-Heru is Ptolemaic (possibly 200-100 BC) and is probably under 30 years of age. He was a priest of the Min temple in Akhmim. (Min was the Egyptian ithyphallic god of fertility.)

Both mummies are part of a long-term project attempting to locate mummies from Akhmim, which have been scattered in museums throughout the world. By finding and scanning these mummies, researchers can reconstruct information about a population from a single place and time. The mummies are currently on display in the Crossroads of Civilization exhibit.

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