Go on an Eight-Legged Adventure at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Kohl’s Thank You Thursday


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Go on an Eight-Legged Adventure at the Milwaukee Public Museum  on Kohl’s Thank You Thursday

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (Nov. 4, 2019) —As part of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s (MPM) partnership with Kohl’s, the Museum offers free admission to permanent exhibits and one Planetarium program on Kohl’s Thank You Thursday (KTYT), the first Thursday of every month. On Thursday, November 7, visitors will have a special opportunity to face their fears and add a visit into Spiders Alive!, the latest traveling exhibition at the Museum, for just $3 per person. 

Spiders Alive! is owned and managed by Peeling Productions and hosts 17 live species of arachnids from all over the world as well as a rare spider fossil that is more than 100 million years old. The family-friendly exhibit was originally created by the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and teaches families about spiders’ anatomy and signature traits, like venom and silk-making. Kids (or anyone looking for a good Instagram photo) will enjoy climbing on the spider model that is 50 times as large as it would be in real life. 

“MPM is excited to host Spiders Alive! for many reasons,” said Jon Bertolas, Onsite Curator for Spiders Alive! and Supervisor of the Puelicher Butterfly Wing, Milwaukee Public Museum. “Arachnophobia is one of the oldest and most common phobias, and this exhibit does a really good job showing people that, for the most part, spiders are nothing to fear. They’re an important part of a healthy ecosystem and most of them can’t hurt you. The second reason that this exhibit is so fun is that with 17 live arachnids, each visit is different. One day, the scorpion may be hiding, and the next, you’ll see it out looking for food. It’s a new experience every visit.” 

In addition to the opportunity to see Spiders Alive! for $3, included in your free KTYT visit is a ticket to one Planetarium program and activities on the floors put on by MPM volunteers in popular exhibits like Bugs Alive!, The Third Planet and Crossroads of Civilization. For more information on KTYT, visit www.mpm.edu/ktyt.

About the Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) is Wisconsin’s natural history museum, welcoming over half a million visitors annually. Located in downtown Milwaukee, the Museum was chartered in 1882, opened to the public in 1884, and currently houses more than 4 million objects in its collections. MPM has three floors of exhibits that encompass life-size dioramas, walk-through villages, world cultures, dinosaurs, a rainforest, and a live butterfly garden, as well as the Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater & Planetarium. 

MPM is operated by Milwaukee Public Museum, Inc., a private, non-profit company, and its facilities and collections are held in trust and supported by Milwaukee County for the benefit of the public. 

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