2019 Rundblad Research Fellows

The John J. Brander and Christine E. Rundblad Research Fellowship Program at the Milwaukee Public Museum seeks to stimulate fundamental research by scientists doing research on Wisconsin biodiversity or environmental issues, especially those that utilize and strengthen the natural science collections at MPM.

jerome weisDr. Jerome Weis
MPM Research Associate

Insects with a "parasitoid" life history, living as parasitic larvae before becoming free-living adults, are one of the most diverse groups on Earth.  Parasitoid wasps, related to bees and ants, help reduce crop pest damage here in Wisconsin and around the world.  Despite the diversity and importance of these wasps, very little is known about their basic biology.  Dr. Weis and researchers from Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will study the basic genetic makeup of three parasitoid wasp species and try to identify the genes important for female and male development.