A River Survey of Unionid Mussels of Wisconsin 1973-1977
NOTE: This is a 20MB PDF file.

Harold A. Mathiak surveyed 251 rivers and creeks across Wisconsin for the presence of freshwater mussels during the summers of 1973 through 1977 and published the results of the 641-site survey in his 1979 book, now out of print. Voucher specimens (7000+) with the pertinent date, stream, county, and township/range/section data were donated to six institutions including the Milwaukee Public Museum.
University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum (UWZM)
The Ohio State Museum of Biological Diversity (OSUM)
In addition to the donation received originally from Mathiak, this museum also has recently acquired the voucher specimens of the Mathiak Collection originally deposited at the Museum of Natural History at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and these former UW – Stevens Point specimens will be added to the database in the future.
University of Tennessee Frank McClung Museum (UTK)
UW – Waukesha Field Station (EX-UWC)