Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition Community Spotlight

What's going on around Wisconsin in conjunction with Mandela: The Official Exhibition?

Learn more about community organizations who embody the spirit and meaning of Mandela. 

Community Events


jewish museum milwaukee logo

Join Jewish Museum Milwaukee as they continue their popular Global Museum Passport Virtual Home Edition series, this time visiting colleagues at the South Africa Jewish Museum. On June 10 at noon, Executive Director Gavin Morris will explore Jewish communal evolution in South Africa with a particular focus on interaction between Jewish and Black interests in the country.

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Community Organizations
u2 urban underground logo

Urban Underground’s Mission is to promote a new generation of young leaders committed to building safe and sustainable communities. They advance their mission through effective programs, strategic partnerships, and youth-led social change in the areas of health, education, public safety, and juvenile justice.

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nurturing diversity partners

Nurturing Diversity Partners fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion within institutions and communities, and educates groups about the history, sociocultural dynamics, personal and interpersonal skills, and organizational practices that build an equitable society.

They specialize in helping audiences understand important issues in contemporary race relations, especially the under-told history and present-day realities of African Americans and other marginalized groups in the US. Address the questions: How did we get here, and what can we do to build a healthy future for all?

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 MPLjames cameron
Dr. James Cameron Pamphlet Collection

This collection is made up of 38 self-published pamphlets by civil rights activist Dr. James Cameron (1914-2006). Dr. Cameron was the only known survivor of a lynching and the founder of America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

A self-taught historian and lecturer, Cameron devoted his life to raising Americans’ consciousness and consciences about the legacy of slavery, and educating the public about the injustices suffered by people of African descent in America.

Topics addressed in the pamphlets include slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, lynching, the Ku Klux Klan, the Civil Rights, and Milwaukee police/community relations. These pamphlets provide a unique perspective of American history and an unabashed critique of the social issues of the day.


silhouette of nelson mandela with fist in airMY MANDELA PLEDGE

Don’t wait for Nelson Mandela International Day, start today!

Each year on Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18, people are encouraged to spend 67 minutes in service of others through volunteerism and community service. Sixty-seven minutes represents the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent fighting for social justice. Throughout the run of Mandela: The Official Exhibition, we hope to inspire you to make Mandela Day every day. Honor Mandela by continuing his journey and take this challenge in service to others. 

My Mandela Pledge is generously supported by Brewers Community Foundation and U.S. Bank.

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