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We are excited to share a range of free programs, resources, and virtual experiences to connect your students with the US premiere of Mandela: The Official Exhibition. Hosted by the Milwaukee Public Museum in partnership with America’s Black Holocaust Museum, the Mandela exhibit brings a unique opportunity for students to explore how and why Mandela chose to walk the path of reconciliation rather than of conflict, encourages identification with strong sense of political awakening, and provides hope for a just and equality-based future for all. 

Education Programs

Enjoy our free, previously recorded programs.

Meet Mandela

We know this past year has made it tough to provide students with field trip opportunities -- which is why we’re sharing our new temporary exhibit, Mandela: The Official Exhibition, with schools virtually! This program explores the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, right from the exhibit floor.

Interview Series: Milwaukee’s Fight for Social Justice

In this two-part series, we explore Milwaukee’s changing social- and racial-justice landscapes with the help of guest experts. 

Session 1: Looking Back
Examine past social movements in Milwaukee and how they’ve contributed to the progress already made. 


Session 2: Looking Forward
Learn from a new generation of activism in Milwaukee, and what that means for the struggle going forward. 

Educator Resources

Dive into the world of apartheid South Africa, Mandela, and the fight for freedom by familiarizing yourself with the terminology of this critical period.

Map of South Africa
Get acquainted with key locations in South Africa that connect with Mandela and his story.

Teaching and Learning Sensitive Histories
Consider these principles and approaches when teaching and learning about Mandela’s life and legacy.

Further Resources
Learn more about Mandela by exploring this carefully curated list of websites, books, films, and more.


South Africa and Milwaukee have rich histories of militant, principled struggles for racial justice. Use these two timelines to compare and contrast the tactics, timing, and outcomes of these local and international efforts to create an equitable future.

South Africa

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Additional Opportunities 
My Mandela Pledge

Encourage your class to take the My Mandela Pledge! Each year on Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18, people are encouraged to spend 67 minutes in service of others through volunteerism and community service. Honor Mandela by continuing his journey and take this challenge in service to others. 

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Community Spotlight

Learn more about additional community resources and organizations outside MPM.