Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition - MPS Curriculum Resources

Welcome MPS 4th grade teachers!

In addition to our free programs, resources, and virtual experiences for all students, we are excited to share with you specially designed activities to connect the People Protest for Change unit with the United States premiere of Mandela: The Official Exhibit. 

Activity 1: Interviewing a Photo

two camerasConnect to the past by interviewing photographs: Consider why the photo has been taken and what story the image might tell.


Promotes visual literacy; students will analyze and discuss photos to hone their critical thinking skills. This activity allows for an inclusive and robust conversation on why “People Protest for Change.”



Activity 2: Voting - Then and Now

polling stationThroughout time, many groups of people were unable to express political opinions, to stand as a representative, or to vote. Compare the ideals for voting rights with the realities of it during three separate periods.


Students will gain an understanding of voter disenfranchisement by comparing voting ideals to the realities of voting during three moments in time: apartheid in South Africa, Jim Crow South, and in the United States today.  


Voting: Then and Now
Voting Rights
Voting Today

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